PTE Tutorial – Podcast Episode 1

Hello everyone and welcome to digestenglish PTE handy tips. This is Hamid and I’m going to give you some tips on how to effectively use the reusable booklet and the marker during the PTE exam.
As you may know, you are not allowed to take any paper and writing implements with you to the PTE test center. And of course, the reason is obvious; they don’t want any of their questions to leak out of the center. Like what is happening in this footage. Instead, they provide the candidates with a bundle of laminated pieces of paper and some markers for note taking purposes and this is where the problem starts. Most of us are not used to using a marker to take down notes. So we use them as if we are using a pen and, of course, after a while, the nib goes dry and makes it useless for writing. And since there is usually one person in charge of 5 to 15 candidates in the center, it will take some time for that marker to be replaced. This means you are going to lose some precious points.
To avoid this, at the start of the test ask for 2 or 3 markers and then check the nibs if they are in working order and always put the cap on when you are not going to use the marker. 
Another way to avoid this situation is to doodle while you are waiting for the question to start. I am probably the first teacher who is encouraging students to doodle. But this way the nib of the marker wouldn’t go dry and you are ready to spring into action immediately.
So to recap, first, ask for 1 or two spare markers at the start of the test
second, check the nibs if they are OK and finally keep doodling on the booklet while waiting for the question to start.
Thank you for watching this and good luck with your PTE exam.

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